I feel very fortunate to have found my calling in life. I meet a lot of people who say they still don’t know what they want to do. I knew what I wanted to be when I was 17. I’m not going to say that it’s all been rosy and without problems. No. It’s been hard. Some of the films I make challenge me so hard I sometimes wonder how I will ever make the next one. But then I always rebound and start again with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and passion. The gift and curse of being a filmmaker. There is nothing like making a film that is appreciated by an audience. But to make a film that also contributes to some kind of positive change, that is a privilege.

Grandfathers And Revolutions

“How could a grandson interrogate his grandfather on why he signed the letter that enabled the Russians to crush the 1956 Hungarian Revolution? With difficulty, with enormous heartache, with perseverance, and with love.”

Adrian McGregor – The Australian

My America

“Aussie documaker Peter Hegedus literally puts himself on the psychiatrist’s couch in My America, a stimulating chronicle of his search for the America he loved while growing up in socialist Hungary and suburban Brisbane.”

Richard Kuipers – Variety

The Trouble With St Mary’s

“It is gripping television…”

Gregg Elliott – InDaily

Grandfathers And Revolutions

Grandfathers and Revolutions is a stunningly subtle disquisition on truth and reality.”

Colleen Scott – Amsterdam


“Where his documentaries have captured the human condition, this short drama captures the soul – in all its complexity and conflict. Uneasy, uncertain and uncompromising, just like it should be.”

Trent Dalton – Brisbane News

Moonlight Magic

“Peter’s film communicates the excitement in the build up to the event and the joy of the night itself. Ultimately, it allows the viewer to recognise the desire to be included is at the heart of what we all want – somewhere to belong.”

Helen Styles – Micah Projects

Big Stories Small Towns

“I loved the way that Peter was able to connect with his subjects (myself and my family), and was so easy to work with. He has a tremendous ability to maintain the integrity of a story, sharing the toughest of topics with transparency and empathy.”

Greg Dennis – Scenic Rim 4Real Milk & Robotic Dairy

“Hold On” – Suicide Prevention Campaign

“Let me express this simply. Although I spend my life dealing with suicide risk, your team’s movies give me goose pimples! I am delighted you can tap into the opposing forces in suicidal patients, and express them so graphically, integrating seamlessly the message of hope which is so vital.”

Dr David Horgan  – CEO Australian Suicide Prevention Fund

Together In Partnership

“Peter filmed a DVD for CRU in 2013 – we really appreciated his ability to connect with the people who were to feature in the film. They all live with significant disability and so trusting someone to come into their homes and their lives is a big ask. Peter managed this beautifully. From day one, Peter was really flexible and responsive and went out of his way to capture special moments with people. Best of all we ended up with a product that looks great and conveys our message well.”

Margaret Rodgers – CEO – Community Resource Unit

Corporate For The World Bank 

“Peter Hegedus managed to make an interesting film out of a subject which can be regarded by many as dull… He (Peter) has a way of smoothing everyone, including the usually stubborn technical equipment, in behaving normally in front of the camera.”

Adrian Ionescu (CEU course coordinator)