Sorella’s Story – 360 Film
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Sorella’s Story explores the story behind a single atrocity photography of a group of women and 11-year-old Sorella, during the Holocaust, in an innovative 360 film.  Buried by history, the 360 film brings to life a smuggled photograph, taken in December 1941, showing Latvian Jewish women and a 11-year old girl Sorella Epstein, being ordered to undress in freezing temperatures prior to mass execution in Liepaja, Latvia.

The memory of the Holocaust is fading, with studies revealing that two-thirds of millennials born after 1981 don’t know what Auschwitz is (Zauzmer 2018), and a higher percentage are ignorant of basic facts about Nazism and the Holocaust. And with anti-Semitism and extreme right-wing ideologies on the rise, Sorella’s Story is a visceral reminder and warning of how prejudice can escalate to devastating tragedy.

Sorella’s Story is part of a unique film package which consists of this 360 immersive film and a Feature Documentary titled To Never Forget. As we started preparing for the 360° project we also decided to document the process of making the film. What started as a ‘behind the scenes’ video has grown into a personal documentary about prejudice that provides critical insight and current context into Sorella’s Story.

Sorella’s Story and To Never Forget are in post-production. To be released in 2022.